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This Couple Aims to Make Ecuador the Cradle of Fine Chocolate Making

QUITO, ECUADOR -- Most of the world’s chocolate today comes from America and Europe, and it's made from cacao beans grown in Africa. But at least one South American company wants to make the best chocolate in the world from beans grown at home in th

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Why some chocolates starts to melt the moment you hold it?

Have you ever wonder why some chocolate melt so fast? So fast that it started melting on your fingers and hand before you manage to pop them in your mouth.. Hmm.. Well, the answer lies in the ingredients of the chocolate bar. Let's take a look at th

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What You Don't Know About Is Costing You A Fortune! -Here's the straight scoop on How To Increase Your Sales

Daphne Au

According to the Sales Formula above, in order for your to increase your sale, you need to increase either one of the variant above. In other words, you have to eitherIncrease the number of customerIncrease the number of frequency a customer buys fro

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Pacari Chocolate in CNN News

We were humbled when we receive the news that Pacari Founder, Carla Barboto was chosen for an Interview on Pacari Chocolate.Please watch the video below if you are curious to find out:- What goes inside your chocolate- How the world found out about P

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How to taste & enjoy Pacari Chocolates

Before you get too excited and finish your whole bar of chocolate, why not take a few minutes to learn how to get the best from your Pacari tasting experience?Fine chocolates are like are like fine wine. When you know how to properly taste and enjoy

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ANDEAN GOLDEN BERRIES : Revealing the top 3 benefit of this superfood

Golden berry (Physalis peruviana) it not a true berry. Instead, golden berries came from the tomato family, and closely related to the ground tomato known as tomatillo. GOLDEN BERRY HAS HEALING POWER.

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Good News! The WORLD BEST Chocolate Bar is finally in Malaysia

Yep! You heard it right! After so many years of hearing how great and tasty Ecuadorian Chocolates can be, Pacari Chocolate (100% made from Tree to Bar in Ecuador) has finally step foot into Malaysia!  Fun Facts : "Unlike other Spa

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Chocolates : Good or Bad for My Health?

Chocolates were always seen as the cause of health issues such as diabetic and obesity.

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