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Why is Pacari Chocolates so Expensive???

Why is Pacari Chocolates so Expensive???

Why is Pacari Chocolates so Expensive compared to the Chocolates in the Market?

Have you been thinking this question all these while? Is it expensive just because we decided to raise the price and make you pay for our "Brand"

Well, this article is about to explain to you why..

First and foremost, let's put the price tag aside. Let's talk about the ingredients used to make Chocolate Bars in general.

3 Common Ingredient :
1. Sugar
2. Milk Essence
3. Cacao

As you can see from the 3 ingredients, sugar and milk is definitely the cheaper ingredients, right?

Worst, if they are using White Refined Sugar. Definitely super cheap.

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On the other hand, Cacao is a commodity ( and is even used as a form of currency in the olden days). Prices of cacao beans can even increase when demands get high.  

So the question is, if the raw materials' price increases, how come the our typical chocolate bar can still sell at such a cheap price? RM5 a bar? RM2 a bar? Wouldn't chocolatier make losses when they do so?

What if I told you they can add in more milk and sugar and reduce the cacao percentage in the chocolate bar? Wouldn't the cost price decrease tremendously?

In fact that's what most company do. N that's how Milk Chocolate are born! 10% of cacao and the rest, sugar & milk! 


Come back to the question. Then, why is Pacari Chocolate so expensive?

Well, that's because :

1. All our chocolate bars has a minimum of 60% cacao and it goes up to 100% cacao (depending on which bar you purchase)

2. All our Chocolate Bars are made with 100% Arriba Nacional Cacao Beans. A very rare and highly priced beans in the world. Famous for its After Taste & Aroma as well as the high nutritional value

3. All our Chocolates Bars are made in small batches, in an artisanal manner. No Mass Production. That is why, when you taste our chocolates, you dont get the flat, bitter taste that you usually get whenyou eat commercial dark chocolate. (cause commercial dark chocolate is made in big batches and sometimes during roasted, the beans get overroasted aka burnt, thats why it's bitter.. haha )

In summary, why is Pacari Chocolate so Expensive?

Well, you are paying for the quality as well as the high nutritional value in the bar.

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P/s: If you are into Health & Wellness, do check out our Raw Series out. These bars are made with Raw Cacao Beans ( Beans roasted at only 72 Celcius, key temperature to kill the bacteria but maintain all the high nutritional value of Cacao. Eg: High Antioxidant, Magnesium & Enzyme)

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